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Ferndale Police vehicle file photo (July 25, 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

Ferndale Police arrest student for possession of a handgun near FHS.

Ferndale Police were contacted by officials at Ferndale High School Wednesday, May 9th, about a report of someone who waved a handgun at another student near the high school campus.

It was an early dismissal day and most students had already left the campus when the incident occurred.

Several Ferndale Police officers converged on the area and began their investigation according to emergency radio traffic at the time.

Ferndale Police Lieutenant Bill Hatchett said they located and arrested a 17-year-old student for illegal possession of a firearm and he was booked into juvenile detention. Hatchett pointed out it did not appear the subject had been brandishing or otherwise threatening anyone with the gun.

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According to a letter sent to FHS student families by the Ferndale School District officials,

At this point, the legal process will move forward. Appropriate school discipline has been applied and there will be consequences for this minor student above and beyond the jurisdiction of the Ferndale School District.

The subject’s name is being withheld given his age.

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