Ferndale Radio Towers Owners’ Plan to Build in Port Roberts Loses on Appeal

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South Asian radio station KRPI, AM 1550, which broadcasts from studios in Richmond, B.C. via towers located in Ferndale just off Imhof Road, south of Douglas Road, was denied a permit for 150-foot radio towers in Point Roberts according to a story by Ralph Schwartz in The Bellingham Herald. Schwartz states, “In a quick vote on Tuesday, Jan. 27, the Whatcom County Council upheld an earlier decision to deny the permit.”

Citizen concerns from both sides of the border have included environmental, health as well as widespread “blanketing interference” of electrical devices reported The Delta Optimist in a story published last year.

According to the Bellingham Herald article, opponents expect BBC Broadcasting Inc. (no relation to the European broadcasting company of a similar name), the company behind KRPI, to appeal again. This time in Superior Court.

Ferndale residents for decades have encountered radio interference in the form of unexpected voices and music through devices with a speaker attached including telephones, stereos and televisions. It had been tracked back to their Ferndale transmission towers. At one point, the company handed out filters that could be attached to electronics to cut down the interference. Over the years, the problem has gone away for the most part. It’s unknown whether that is due to transmission fixes or improvements in consumer electronics.

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KRPI continues to broadcast from their towers in Ferndale.


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Joe Beaulaurier
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