Ferndale sporting goods business looking for someone to take over

emily heiser kids pose in front of 2nd ave sports during halloween 2018
2nd Avenue Sports Owner Emily Heiser's kids pose in front of the store during the 2018 Ferndale Downtown Trick-or-Treat event. Photo courtesy of Emily Heiser
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2nd Avenue Sports, located north of Main Street on 2nd Avenue, has been a labor of love for many years for owner Emily Heiser. Now, faced with the prospect of a baby in April and not having success in trying to sell the business, she is concerned Ferndale youth sports participants will be at a disadvantage if the business closes.

“I’m offering the business for less than the wholesale cost of inventory and fixtures just so I don’t have to see it close,” Heiser said.

Heiser says by offering consignment sales, they have been able to help local youth sports become more affordable. Plus, Heiser points out, 2nd Avenue Sports has been sponsoring youth teams and making donations to local events, activities and schools. Many local teams and leagues, including schools, have counted on 2nd Avenue Sports for their uniforms.

“It’s not a me business, it’s a we business. It’s for the community. It’s pride for where we live,” Heiser said.

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Heiser took over the business from it’s founder, Sue Remaklus, in 2015. Heiser had been the store manager for 5 years prior to taking over the reins. Remaklus had opened the store in 2005.

Heiser says she will start liquidating inventory next week and expects to close during the first half of March if no buyer comes forward.


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