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Ferndale teens invited to join Youth Emergency Services club

Teens from the Ferndale area are invited to attend a meeting later this month to learn about the newly formed Ferndale Youth Emergency Services (YES) club.

An off-shoot of the Ferndale Emergency Resources Network (FERN) in partnership with the Ferndale Police Department, YES has been formed to guide teens, ages 14 to 18, living within the Ferndale School District boundaries, toward developing disaster preparedness and response skills while earning certifications.

According to the Ferndale Police Department website, “Youth Emergency Services Club members can earn their amateur radio license, train to be part of the Ferndale Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), learn about disaster preparedness and response, and complete FEMA courses to prepare them to volunteer in an Emergency Operations Center.”

The YES Club will hold its first meeting on Saturday, September 30th, between 10am and 11am in the Ferndale Emergency Operations Center at the Ferndale Police Department building, 2220 Main Street.

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FERN is an umbrella organization that includes the Ferndale Auxiliary Communication Service (FACS), Ferndale Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Ferndale Police Department and other local emergency response organizations.

Teens unable to attend the September 30th meeting are encouraged to email to express their interest and learn about when subsequent meetings will be held.

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