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File photo - Ferndale High School (September 7, 2016). Photo: Discover Ferndale

FHS staff and students making do after a boiler fails

Some Ferndale High School (FHS) classrooms and the gym began getting colder on Friday sending maintenance staff to investigate the boilers that provide heat to the campus. By the end of the school day, according to FHS Principal Jeff Gardner, it was determined the malfunctioning boiler was in need of at least one replacement part that was not on hand and would need to be ordered.

Impacted sections of the campus include the 400 and 500 buildings as well as the gym.

Gardner credited FHS Teacher Tony Torretta with making some changes to the school’s central heating system to get some heat into the impacted buildings, opening hallway doors and utilizing fans to distribute the heat. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Torretta is charged with helping the Ferndale School District conserve energy by making sure systems in buildings are running efficiently.

Gardner said it is not known when the replacement part or parts will arrive. “Hopefully today but I’m being updated day-to-day,” said Gardner.

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Notices went out to parents and staff over the weekend letting them know to expect colder classrooms and to dress appropriately. “I was relieved to see staff and students arriving in warm clothes including some wearing gloves this morning,” Gardner said.

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