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June 17, 2019 | 12:39pm
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FHS students to walk out after voters reject bid to rebuild school

While support received for the Ferndale School District’s (FSD) $112 million bond request on the General Election ballot this month was far and above higher than for past requests, it fell just short of the 60% super majority level of support needed.

While there has not been any response to the outcome from FSD officials, students at Ferndale High School (FHS) are reported to be organizing a “walk out” tomorrow, Wednesday, November 14th.

FHS Principal Jeremy Vincent sent the following email to parents and staff today(provided to MFN by FSD officials).

I want to acknowledge that a student-led walkout is planned for Wednesday, November 14th. While our students have every right to protest I do expect students to be in class during that time. Absences will be unexcused unless parents call to excuse the absence.

This protest has been arranged by students in response to the disappointment we all feel in our bond proposal failing to meet the super-majority threshold for approval. Our bond failure does not change the fact that our high school building is beyond our ability to repair and security is an ever-present concern given our inability to lock down our current campus. These things have not changed and will not change unless our building is replaced.

I encourage our students, parents and community to attend a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, November 15th at the Pioneer Pavilion at 7:00 PM to talk about next steps including the possibility of asking voters to reconsider this bond proposal in a special election.

According to posts on social media by one student, the walk out is expected to occur during the last period of class with students walking on the sidewalks along Main Street. According to the class schedule posted on the FSD website, the last period begins about 12:45pm.

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The meeting that Vincent referred to in the email has been organized by Support Ferndale Schools, a group formed to promote the FSD’s bond proposition. The meeting will be held at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center on Thursday, November 15th from 7pm to 8:30pm.


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