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Neighbors watch as WCFD7 firefighters rescue a young man stranded on an island in a Ferndale neighborhood's community pond covered by ice (February 21, 2018). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Firefighters rescue young man stranded on ice-covered pond

Neighbors say they heard shouts coming from a small island in a community pond located behind homes on Gardiner, Artist and Augustine Drives about 5pm and realized a young man was yelling for help to get off the island.

The young man apparently had walked over the ice-covered pond to fetch a ball on the island but began breaking through the ice just as he reached the island according to neighbors. Realizing the ice wasn’t as dependable as it initially appeared, he began calling for help.

Neighbors called 911 and crews from Whatcom County Fire District 7 (WCFD7) were dispatched. Once on the scene, they could be seen stretching ladders across the ice to the island, providing a life vest on the first ladder.

The young man crossed back to the shore on top of the ladders. He was assessed as physically no worse for the experience by WCFD7 medics at the scene and released.

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