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First FHS Community Design Forum Held

FHS Community Design Forum charrette charrette crowdThe first of a series of opportunities for community involvement regarding updating the FHS facilities was held Wednesday, March 4, at the high school library. Offered as a Community Design Forum, the stated purpose was to gather community input on improvements of the buildings on the Ferndale High School campus.

50 people filled the library and of those 10 were recognized as school staff.

Terry Brown, architect with Zervas Architects, was the forum facilitator. Brown introduced information that had been gathered from several sources pertaining to the project. This included the square footage measures and build dates for existing buildings on the high school campus. In addition, each building was given a condition assessment score based on a combination of measures such as substructure, shell, interiors, services and furnishings.


    • Existing campus area: 219,000
    • Total area needed: 250,000 (assumes 1,600 students)
    • Plans can be 1 or 2 story but cannot exceed 250,000 square feet
    • May consider saving and remodeling some buildings
    • Consider connected buildings for security
    • Main entry should be visible from parking
    • Consider occupied buildings during the work to minimize cost and disruption
    • Fields may be reconfigured or relocated


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Building Sq Feet Year Built Condition

Old Main 36,471 1930s 42.95
Gymnasium 47,919 1950s 48.03
Cafeteria 16,218 1960 75.25
Performing Arts 27,443 1970 73.27
Vocational 31,316 1940s 41.65
Auto Shop 3,018 1992
Alexander 28,975 1950s 44.06
500 Wing 22,847 1970s 48.16
Weight Room 3,000 2007 91.05
Green House 3,500
Aquaculture Center 1,750


FHS Community Design Forum charretteUtilizing this information and working with large format prints of a satellite image of the campus, attendees worked for over an hour in small groups to come up with recommendations for each building.

Recommendations varied between the groups and included mixes of replacing, constructing and renovating buildings.

According to the district, “Information gathered at the forum will now be shared with the Ferndale School Board at its March 16 meeting and Facilities Advisory Committee at its meeting March 17.”

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