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Nooksack River level at Ferndale forecast graph (February 15, 2017 at 1:30pm).

Flooding expected to begin impacting roads this evening

Concerns about flooding in the Ferndale area continue and the forecast expects the Nooksack River to rise to a level this evening which in the past has caused river waters to encroach on roadways.

The Nooksack River level forecast as of 1:30pm today, Wednesday, expects the river level to reach 15 feet in Ferndale about 10pm tonight. It is around this height when road impacts historically begin in the low lying areas near the river including Ferndale Road, the corner of Barrett & Paradise Roads and Marine Drive.

Forecasters expect the river level to continue climbing until cresting within a half-inch of the official flood stage of 19 feet late tomorrow evening.

The river level is expected remain above 17 feet between midnight tonight until noon Friday. As a result, sustained the high river level combined with already high soil moisture levels may result in road impacts continuing for more than one day.

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River water has historically encroached onto Slater Road east of the Nooksack River bridge when river levels reached 18 feet.


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