Forecasters: Expect a change in the weather

rain on road GIF
File video loop of rain on a roadway. My Ferndale News

A high pressure system over British Columbia and Alberta is sending northerly winds down the Fraser Valley into Whatcom County today. These moderately gusty winds are expected to peak this morning and then begin decreasing.

Wind strength is not expected to get high enough to warrant a wind watch or warning.

wind speed graph 2018-09-29 0630
Graphic depicting recorded wind speeds on September 29, 2018 between midnight and 7am.
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Perhaps surprisingly, temperatures accompanying these north winds are in the mid-60s as of 6:30am.

A combination of several systems between Oregon and Canada is expected to bring increasing clouds with showers developing later this evening and continuing into Monday.

Small craft advisory strength northeast winds are possible for parts of the northern inland waters today.

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