Former Ferndale City Council candidate arrested and charged with theft

Derrick Watson, a former candidate for the Ferndale City Council, was booked into the Whatcom County Jail Friday evening and charged with theft in the 2nd degree.

According to Ferndale Police Lieutenant Matt Huffman, the charges stem from a fundraising effort for a youth football program in which Watson was involved.

In early 2017, Watson contacted Great American Opportunities, a Nashville, Tennessee company that, according to its website, helps schools and organizations with fundraising, to assist with his program’s fundraising effort. He agreed to purchase NFL flags from the company that the youth football program participants could then sell at a profit.

Great American Opportunities contacted the Ferndale Police Department in December 2017. They reported the 717 flags Watson purchased cost $4 per flag ($2,868) but he never paid for them. According to the company, it is expected their customers will pay for the products by a later date that allows for proceeds from the fundraising to cover the cost.

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According to jail records, Watson remained in custody as of Saturday morning.

Watson, age 36, ran for City Council during the 2017 General Election, vying for incumbent Cathy Watson’s (no relation) seat on the Council. Derrick pulled out of the race in October which was too late to be removed from the ballot. Cathy won with 70% of the vote.


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