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Temperature, wind and wind direction graphs from noon to 3:30pm on December 28, 2017 as reported by a weather station near Ferndale High School.

Freezing rain weather mid-afternoon update

Did you feel a change in the weather during the past hour? You would have had good reason to since a nearly 180° swing in the wind direction has created dramatic change.

After temperatures in the Ferndale area have spent days below the freezing mark, even as rain from a warmer upper air mass fell today, during the past hour temperatures have increased about 10°, pushing into the 40s.

According to a weather station near Ferndale High School, the change began about 2:45pm today. At that time, the temperature at the weather station was reported at 32.1° with the wind from the north as it had been since before Christmas Day.

In addition to the temperature increase, winds have picked up from a light north breeze to sustained wind from the southeast of 10 to 15mph with gusts of over 25mph.

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The forecast for the evening hours is for the low temperature to remain above freezing, in the mid-30s with rain continuing into Friday.

The northeast wind is expected to return tomorrow with gusts to 25mph and a high temperature in the mid to upper 30s with up to a half-inch of rain.


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