Future Main Street traffic revision requires WTA bus stop change

whatcom transportation authority wta bus eb on main street 2017-03-08
Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) bus eastbound on Main Street (March 8, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale
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A City of Ferndale proposed traffic revision on Main Street preventing left turns by westbound traffic in the block between I-5 and LaBounty Drive has required Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) make some changes to bus route #27 through Ferndale. Buses on the route were turning left into business parking lots in order to reach a bus stop westbound on LaBounty Drive. That turn will not be possible once the barriers are installed on Main Street.

WTA spokesperson Maureen McCarthy said the changes have already been made to the bus route. The LaBounty Drive bus stop shelter has been removed and the bus now remains on Main Street while westbound and stops at the existing bus stop in front of the Gull Station. WTA hopes to relocated the LaBounty Drive bus stop shelter at this stop according to McCarthy.

Buses eastbound on Main Street will continue to stop on the southeast corner of the intersection of LaBounty Drive and Main Street.

Riders who would typically catch the westbound bus on LaBounty Drive are advised to do so from now on in front of the Gull Station on Main Street.

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