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December 7, 2019 | 7:22pm
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Gas Under $2 Comes to Ferndale

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sub two dollar gas price 1-14-15The price of gas continues to fall, reportedly due to overproduction. The sub-$2 per gallon benchmark seemed to avoid Ferndale for some time while popping up elsewhere.

The local gas prices page on Discover Ferndale (powered by GasBuddy) reports the Pilot gas station on Main Street is now selling regular gasoline for $1.95 per gallon. This is the first Ferndale gas station to break the $2 price point.

While the national average continues to remain above $2 per gallon, the last time the national average was below $2 was in 2008 (4 months after peaking at over $4 per gallon).

Even with the Canadian dollar valued at about $0.85 of the US dollar, it is still worthwhile to come across the border and take advantage of the US gas prices. Current prices in White Rock, BC for example are just under $4 per gallon in Canadian dollars.

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