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General Election ballot count update released today (11/19)

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FERNDALE, Wash. — A Ferndale City Council race is coming down to the wire. Before today’s ballot count update at 3:50pm, the race for Council Position 4 had Paul Shuey leading incumbent Teresa Taylor by 2 votes. After today’s, November 19th, update, Shuey is now ahead by 3 votes.

Election Division officials say they have 3 ballots from Whatcom County voters on hand that are yet to be counted. More ballots could be received up to November 25th, the day before the election is expected to be certified.

Contests with less than a 0.5% vote count difference will trigger a mandatory manual recount. Such would be the case in the Taylor-Shuey contest.

Today’s update presented no other changes to the potential outcomes of local political races since the last summary was published.

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Last night’s City Council meeting was the last for temporary councilmembers Gary Jensen and Carol Bersch. Both had been appointed in June due to resignations by Cathy Watson and Fred Kennedy. The next council meeting, scheduled for December 2nd, will occur after the General Election has been certified so it is expected councilmembers elect Ryan O’Larey and Ramon Llanos will be sworn in then and take their places at Positions 5 and 7 respectively on the council dais.

The remaining councilmembers elect are expected to be sworn in during the 1st City Council meeting in 2020.

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