Glowing plume draws response from firefighters

view of healthy pet stack from portal way
View of plume from Portal Way of a plume coming from a stack atop the Healthy Pet building (October 1, 2018). Photo: My Ferndale News

About 10pm tonight, several Whatcom County Fire District 7 (WCFD7) fire engines, a ladder truck, tenders and aid units responded to the Grandview Business Center in the 7000 block of Portal Way after a call to 911 reported smoke and flames visible outside of a building there.

According to radio transmissions, firefighters found no flames and no smoke at any of the buildings at the address nor in the immediate vicinity. But they did notice, about 500 feet to the west in the Grandview Industrial Park, a stack atop a business was emitting a large plume glowing brightly with orange and yellow tones.

The fire engines that had already arrived at the Portal Way location headed over to the industrial park investigate the glowing plume. It was found at Healthy Pet on Salashan Parkway (formerly known as Absorption Corp.). WCFD7 officials made contact with staff at the business and were told the appearance of the plume was the result of normal operations and not a cause for concern.

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  1. So what is the cause of the smoke & plume! What does Healthy Pet produce?
    What are the environmental concerns?
    Anyone following up on this?

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