Good Samaritans spring to action at scene of scooter vs truck crash

car vs moped - several rendered aid to injured woman 2017-08-10
Several good Samaritans aid a woman injured after colliding with a pickup truck while riding a moped (August 10, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Shortly after 6pm today, a woman riding a scooter northbound on 2nd Avenue crossing Main Street was struck by a southbound pickup truck turning eastbound onto Main Street.

At the time, dozens were watching a live video feed the Ferndale Cal Ripken team in the 2017 World Series at the Leader Block Wine Co. At the sound of the crash, several fans sprang into action, joining others at the scene as they rendered aid, cleared the scooter from the intersection and called 911.

The scooter sustained little damage beyond the sheared-off headlamp but the woman sustained a cut on her head after ending up on the roadway after the collision. Whatcom County Fire District 7 Division Chief Ben Boyko said she was transported to PeaceHealth St Joseph’s Medical Center for treatment.

Ferndale Police Sergeant Kevin Davis said the pickup driver said that he simply did not see the scooter before turning. He was not cited.

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