Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu – Ferndale City Council Pos. 5


Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu. Photo courtesy of Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu.
Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu. Photo courtesy of Gurpreet (Garry) Sandhu.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

I’d like to share a quick “American Dream” story with you.  Growing up in India I saw images of America on TV and in the movies.

I dreamt of a better life, to live and raise a family in a community that provided ample opportunities for work, education, worship, and civic engagement.  All of these things I found right here, in Ferndale.

As a City Council member I will be guided by a very simple principle: Listen, Learn … then Lead.  

I believe a good politician is a vocal advocate for their constituents, asking the right questions, weighing all possible outcomes, and holding true to core ideals.

Residents of Ferndale have the right to demand accountability and transparency from their elected officials and I expect them to hold me to the highest ideals.

Additionally, I will demand accountability and transparency from those who are entrusted to carry out work and provide services paid for by taxpayers.

For those who don’t know me personally allow me to share my background.  I have earned a Masters in Business Administration as well as Bachelor degrees in Science and Teaching.  I have spent most of my career in blue collar jobs, currently working as shift supervisor at a food production facility.

Like my opponent, this is my first run for elected office.  I need to look no further than my own home to see the most important reasons for seeking this office.  

With so many important infrastructure and quality of life issues on the agenda and horizon, this is an important time for our City.  I want my son and daughter, along with all of the children in our area, to benefit from the careful decisions and model for visionary growth I advocate for.

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