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Heard on the scanner: Injury crash on Vista Drive near Aldergrove Road


First responders were dispatched to the 6400 block of Vista Drive due to a report of a single vehicle (truck) in the ditch with an unresponsive occupant.

A black pickup truck could be seen half on the road and half in the ditch. Aid crews and law enforcement are on the scene. One lane of Vista Drive is blocked.

Whatcom Fire District 7 Division Chief Ben Boyko said they had 1 patient at the scene who was treated and released at the scene with minor or no injuries. Law enforcement were said to be investigating.

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It is always best to avoid areas where first responders have been dispatched.

Anyone with photos or first-person reports are asked to share them via email to or in a comment below.

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MFN will be monitoring the situation and or heading to the scene to determine what is or has actually happened. Initial dispatches are not always accurate due to misinformation, misinterpretations or misrepresentation of situations by reporting parties.

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