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VanderYacht Park access closed due to flooding (November 24, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

Heavy mountain rain to bring river flooding – road & park closures expected

FERNDALE, Wash. — The current river level forecast for the Nooksack River at Ferndale expects the river to crest about 10am Wednesday at just short of the 19-foot mark. This would place it within the official minor flood stage range of 18 to 20.5 feet.

Nooksack River level forecast at Ferndale as of 7:50am, January 6th.

This would be the highest the river level has risen since November 2017 when it crested over 19 feet.

River level increases due to expected heavy rains in the north Cascades today and tomorrow will be added on to an already higher than normal river level. This is due to recent mountain rain that caused the river to crest at lower levels.

Expected impacts at the current forecast levels at Ferndale include:

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  • After the river level reaches the 15-foot mark, water and debris begins spreading across some low-lying roads such as the corner of Barrett/Paradise Roads, W Smith Road west of LaBounty Drive, Marine Drive west of Ferndale Road and Ferndale Road on both sides of Slater Road.
  • By the time the river reaches the 16-foot mark road closures are likely for Barrett/Paradise Roads, Marine Drive west of Rural Avenue and Ferndale Road south of Slater.
  • After the river level reaches the 17-foot mark, the river has begun spreading into VanderYacht Park. Depending on the saturation level of nearby pasture land, flood waters may begin covering Slater Road east of the river bridge enough to require closing the road
  • By the time the river reaches the 18-foot mark, Hovander Homestead Park and the adjacent Tennant Lake area may be closed due to flooding concerns. Slater Road is typically closed by this point.

River level forecasts are prone to changes so monitoring the forecast is advised.

The duration for road closures depends on the speed the river recedes after cresting.

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