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Here is what is on the agenda for next week’s City Council meeting

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The following is provided courtesy of Ferndale City Administrator Greg Young regarding the upcoming Ferndale City Council regular meeting agenda for the meeting scheduled 6pm on Tuesday, September 4th.

We will not have a Study Session Tuesday night due to the light agenda. We will begin at our regular 6PM (ever considered starting at 5PM? – get us out an hour earlier!) time slot.

On the Consent Agenda we only have the regular Minutes and Payroll.

On the regular agenda, we will begin with a presentation from our local PSE representative, Lynn Murphy. Lynn will update us on PSE projects and give an idea of what they are planning for the future. We have enjoyed increased communication with Puget Sound Energy and knowing their current and future plans helps us better understand emerging issues.

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Following this, Katy Radder will update us on the status of our various city projects. With both the smoky unhealthy air (thanks Canada) and the labor strikes that have affected our projects, Katy has been working diligently to keep our projects on track. We are hopeful that with the fall approaching, we can button up our projects for the year before the monsoons begin.

Next will be an overview and discussion regarding Complete Streets. We will be holding a formal public hearing at our next meeting so this meeting is intended to provide information on what a Complete Streets program and ordinance means and how it might 1) open up some grant funding opportunities for projects that would not normally qualify for existing grant programs, and 2) how it might alter how we approach our street projects in the future.

Overall, Complete Streets is a process and not necessarily an end product. The concept is that, as you plan for a street project, you seriously think about and consider users other than strictly people in cars and see how you can accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, transit, etc. It is an attempt to move away from the car, cars, cars mentality that has historically driven street projects.

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The last item is our 2019 budget. Department Heads and administration are working on developing the 2019 budget and we wanted to take a few moments to talk about the 10,000-foot level – that is, are there specific areas of the budget that you would like to us look at for possible emphasis or deemphasis. As you recall, we did some project brainstorming earlier in the year at our retreat and have made progress on many items – not wanting to possibly wait until the spring of 2019 to again brainstorm ideas, we wanted to be proactive and see if there is any consensus on emerging ideas that we can attempt to fold into our preliminary budget. We should also be able to go over our anticipated (funded) capital projects for next year so you can see where we are heading.

Well as advertised, a light agenda on what will hopefully be a beautiful late summer evening. I hope everyone has a great long weekend – see you Tuesday night.

The public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings. They are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6pm in Council Chambers at the City Hall Annex at 5694 2nd Avenue. The exception to the schedule being when a meeting falls on a holiday as is the case this Monday, Labor Day. In those instances the meeting is scheduled for the following Tuesday.


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