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Ferndale City Council meeting (February 21, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

Here is what to expect at Monday’s City Council meeting

The following is provided courtesy of Ferndale City Administrator Greg Young regarding the Ferndale City Council meeting agenda for the regular meeting scheduled for 6pm, Monday, June 4th.

Greetings All

We will begin Monday night at our regular 6PM start time. The Consent Agenda has the following items:

• Bid Award for Portal Way Compact Roundabout – We will be constructing a compact roundabout at the northbound freeway offramp. The low bid came in slightly less than our estimate and we are recommending approval. The construction should take about three weeks and the freeway offramp will be temporarily closed for this work.
• Fee Code Amendment – There are various changes to our fee code proposed. Some alter the existing fee and in other cases, we are adding fees that had previously been omitted.
• Ordinance Creating the Pioneer Village Pathway Construction Fund – We have received a grant from the State to construct ADA compliant pathways linking the various cabins in Pioneer Village. This ordinance will create a separate construction fund to track these expenditures.
• Ordinance Closing the Church Road Construction Fund – This project has been completed and as such, we are proposing to officially close the fund.
• Budget Amendment Ordinance – This ordinance will modify our budget for 2018 by providing some working capital for the Thornton Overcrossing Project. We have received a grant from the State that is on a reimbursement basis so these funds will provide monies that will later be reimbursed by the State.
• Resolution for Bank Account Signers and Cash Drawer Amounts – Over time we have changed personnel in certain positions and this ordinance will recognize the current employees that are authorized to be signers on the city bank accounts. We are also proposing to increase the cash drawer amounts so making change is not an issue.
• Contract for Watering of Trees on Main Street – Over the last few years we have placed trees in pots and this contract will provide for their watering during the summer.

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Turning to the regular agenda, we will begin by introducing our newest police officer. He previously worked in Skagit County and therefore, is fully trained and ready to begin his work in Ferndale.

Next will be the annual presentation by Susan Marks relating to the work the Commission Against Domestic Violence does in our area. Over the years we have financially supported this important work and Susan will highlight their recent efforts.

After this we will have a short presentation from our Community Development Department regarding Planned Unit Developments (PUD). We have seen some PUD’s proposed in the past and we anticipate more to come. If you remember, Planned Unit Developments are normally larger (predominantly) residential subdivision proposals that, due their size, request to deviate from the development standards that normally apply. In return for this flexibility, the City usually receives some other benefit centered in open space or recreational opportunities. Again, since we anticipate receiving some PUD proposals, we wanted to update the Council on the unique factors that go into PUD projects.

Following this we will hold our annual public hearing leading to the adoption of the City’s 6Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The 6-Year TIP is intended to list the projects that ideally, we would complete in the next six years. Being on this list qualifies these project for certain grant funding opportunities and if successful, would be leveraged with City funds to enable their construction.

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The next item is the new Whatcom County Jail Use Agreement. This agreement will enable us to utilize the county jail over the next few years. Due to the need to renovate the existing jail, the daily imprisonment fees have been increased. We are recommending approval.

The last item is the potential approval of a Notice To Annex. Property owners in the east Slater area are interested in annexation and this Notice to Annex is the first in a multi-step process possibly leading to annexation. You will not be asked to approve the annexation Monday night but rather approve the Notice to Annex which will then enable these interested property owners to formally work with their neighbors and put together a petition for annexation that you would consider the in the future.

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

The public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings. They are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6pm in the City Hall Annex in the Council Chambers at 5694 2nd Avenue.

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