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June 24, 2019 | 2:42am
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Here’s what the City Council Committees will be discussing Wednesday morning

Ferndale City Council Committees will be meeting Wednesday, October 10th. There are currently 3 city council committees; Public Works & Utilities, Planning and Land Use and Finance and Administration (FA). Each meets for up to an hour in the main conference room at City Hall.

The public is welcome to attend these meetings which are held at Ferndale City Hall, 2095 Main Street, in the main conference room which is accessed by an outside door on the southwest corner of the building.

Public Works and Utilities Committee
(Watson-chair, Taylor, Kennedy) meets from 8am to 9am


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Planning and Land Use Committee
(Xczar-chair, Kennedy, Taylor) meets from 9am to 10am

Sign code amendment (links to PDF file) – Discussion regarding a proposed ordinance that would make significant changes to the Ferndale Municipal Code regarding signs on public and private property. Included among the changes, portable freestanding signs, including sandwich board signs, A-frame and T-frame signs, are permitted on public right of ways with some constraints such as being less than eight feet in size (not specific whether this is a square foot measure, height or width) and do not utilize sign stakes, poles or supports anchored into the ground that exceed a depth of six inches, unless a utility locate request has been completed. Feather banner signs would not be allowed within public right of ways.

Spokane planning conference: Top ten takeaways – no material was included in the meeting materials to explain this item.

Finance and Administration
(Olson-chair, G. Hansen, K. Hansen) meets from 10am to 11am

September claims (links to large PDF file)

Council Rules of Procedure – City staff and council members have been discussing making several modifications to the existing City Council’s Rules of Procedure and Ethics Handbook since February.

Members of the public who would like to attend any of the Ferndale City Council committee meetings are encouraged to do so.

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