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Heston Hauling offers safe rides home when celebrating New Years

Ferndale towing company, Heston Hauling, continues their annual New Years tradition of keeping drunk drivers off the roads by helping smart people who may have celebrated a little too much get home safely.

Heston Hauling will provide free rides home from 10pm to 3am New Year’s night for people in need of getting home safely. To get a ride, simply flag down one of their trucks or call them at (360) 312-8697. This service is available in both Ferndale and Bellingham.

TIP: It would be a good idea to save that number to your phone’s address book and/or set for speed dial now so it will be easy to find if you need it later tonight.

This will be Heston’s 6th year of providing this community service. According to a Facebook post by the Ferndale Downtown Association, Heston Hauling drove over 400 people home safely last year.

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