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June 15, 2019 | 5:32pm
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High Wind Watch issued for Weds/Thurs

In what has become the signature weather pattern for this year’s winter season, another High Wind Watch has been issued.

Forecasters in the Seattle office of the National Weather Service (NWS) have issued a High Wind Watch that will be in effect from Wednesday, January 2nd, evening through Thursday afternoon. Forecasters warn to expect sustained southeast winds from 25 to 35mph with gusts to 55mph. Some areas may experience sustained winds up to 40mph with gusts to around 60mph.

This morning’s forecast spoke of a warm front arriving on the north coast of Washington Wednesday morning. Precipitation from the front will arrive Wednesday afternoon and evening along with the increasing southerly winds, particularly along the coast and north interior.

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  1. Joe, You start the article by saying that a HIGH WIND WARNING has been issued. It has not. The NWS issued a HIGH WIND WATCH. There is a big difference. People are confused enough without seeing misleading terms used in media. Please familiarize yourself with the difference between Watches, Advisories, and Warnings.

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