Himalayan salt cave in Ferndale would be Whatcom County’s first

flowmotion proposed himalayan salt cave 2018-03
Artistic rendering of proposed Himalayan salt cave at Flow Motion (March 2018). Courtesy of Flow Motion

Flow Motion Owner Alyssa Springs has launched a fundraising campaign she hopes will result in the addition of a Himalayan salt cave in her Ferndale facility. It would be Whatcom County’s first. Currently, according to Springs, the closest salt caves are located to the north in the Vancouver, BC area and to the south in King County.

Springs describes her proposed Himalayan salt cave as a large room built using salt boulders and bricks placed floor-to-ceiling with a thick carpet of loose salt across the floor. She says a salt cave can help people breathe easier with its negatively charged ionized air and airborne salt particulate, referred to as halotherapy.

Flow Motion, a yoga studio, massage and wellness center located on the 2nd floor of the Carnation Oxford Building at 1920 Main Street, currently features a living garden wall in the yoga classroom with hanging plants, trees and a plant nursery in the co-working lounge. Himalayan salt walls are already installed in Flow Motion’s Relaxation Lounge flanked by salt lamps so large they required a forklift to bring them into the building.

If constructed, Flow Motion’s salt cave would be 1 of only 2 Himalayan salt caves in the state of Washington that are complete with halotherapy and a saltwater waterfall.

flowmotion proposed himalayan salt cave with yoga silhouettes 2018-03
Artistic rendering of proposed Himalayan salt cave with water fall at Flow Motion (March 2018). Courtesy of Flow Motion
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Springs says halotherapy sessions will be offered several times a day in the Salt Cave once constructed. Guests will be able to recline in zero-gravity recliners for whole-body relaxation or participate in yoga sessions while breathing in super-fine, medical-grade salt particulate in the air that has been finely crushed & ground by a halogenerator. Flow Motion will also host weekly child-friendly halotherapy sessions according to Springs. 

Advocates say halotherapy sessions can improve respiratory health and the salt is believed to improve skin conditions, stress and anxiety and weakened immune systems.

Springs says the fundraising campaign is being done through the crowdfunding service, Kickstarter. “That means this is an all or nothing effort since no money changes hands unless the campaign goal is reached by the deadline,” Springs explained.

Over $5,000 has been pledged towards the project goal of $49,000. The project will be funded if it reaches its goal by the deadline, May 19th.

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People who pledge financial support will receive rewards including free sessions at Flow Motion depending on the level of support pledged.

Anyone interested in supporting the project can visit the project on the Kickstarter website.