Identity of suspected grocery store shoplifters sought

Still image of shoplifting suspects from security video at Ferndale Grocery Outlet. Photo courtesy of Ferndale Grocery Outlet

Two individuals were seen on store security video leaving the Ferndale Grocery Outlet on LaBounty Drive with items not paid for. As a result, store operators, Larry and Beth Brown, took to social media asking for the community’s help.

Have you seen these two fine outstanding members of your community? They took it upon themselves to shop our store and *not* pay for their product. I have to believe that their parents are very proud of them for the example of how to take and not give back to their community.

During this time of the year I would hope more people are willing to give then receive, however, this is not the case with these to selfish youth. However disappointed we are in these two suspects, we will continue to provide great service to the wonderful customers who are very loyal to our store.

Thank you all for your support and if you recognize either suspect please contact the Ferndale Police Department and the Ferndale Grocery Outlet. Unless the product is returned and we receive a personal apology to my staff and the community for this lack of good judgment, our current plan is to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

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Anyone with information pertaining to the identity or whereabouts of the suspects are asked to contact the Ferndale Police Department at 360-384-3390.