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UPDATED: Initial 2017 General Election results – local & state

Below are the initial results of local and state measures and positions as reported by the Washington Secretary of State Elections Division and Whatcom County Election Division as of 6:08pm and 5:02pm respectfully on Thursday, November 9th (current leaders are highlighted). The next update is scheduled for 5pm on Monday, November 27th.

Ferndale City Council Positions

Position 5

1,967 votes 69.58% Cathy Watson
860 votes 30.42% Derrick Watson


Position 6

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1,313 votes 46.23% Connie Faria
1,527 votes 53.77% Kate Hansen


Position 7

2,229 votes 100% Fred Kennedy



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State Measures (Advisory Votes)

Advisory Vote No. 16 Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1597
(increased food fish excise tax rate on certain salmon and game fish)

698,522 votes 56.05% Should be Repealed
547,719 votes 43.95% Should be Maintained


Advisory Vote No. 17 Engrossed House Bill 2163
(expanded business and occupation tax and narrowed certain retail sales and use tax exemptions)

795,389 votes 63.9% Should be Repealed
449,334 votes 36.1% Should be Maintained


Advisory Vote No. 18 Engrossed House Bill 2242
(imposed additional state property tax for common schools)

759,917 votes 60.6% Should be Repealed
493,993 votes 39.4% Should be Maintained


Whatcom County Measures

Whatcom County Proposition 2017-6 Public Safety and Jail Facilities Sales and Use Tax

25,088 votes 41.35% Approve
35,583 votes 58.65% Reject


Whatcom County Council Positions

County Council At-Large Councilmember, Position A

31,161 votes 52.16% Barry Buchanan
28,581 votes 47.84% Mary Kay Robinson


Port of Bellingham Commissioner Positions

Commissioner District 1

30,189 votes 51.03% Michael Alvarez Shepard
28,969 votes 48.97% Dan Robbins


Commissioner District 2

29,974 votes 51.24% Ken Bell
28,523 votes 48.76% Barry Wenger


Ferndale School District Board Positions

All three incumbents for Districts 2, 4 and 5 ran unopposed for reelection. They are Lee Anne Riddle, Candice Wilson and Andrew McLaurin.


Fire Protection District 7 Commissioner

Position 2

1,353 votes 26.2% Paul Kelley
3,811 votes 73.8% Eric Grant


Fire Protection District 17 Commissioner

All three incumbents for Positions 1, 2 and 3 ran unopposed for reelection. They are Susan A. Garlock, William L. Carroll and James W. Taxdahl.


Lummi Island Park and Recreation District Proposition

Formation of Lummi Island Park and Recreation District

197 votes 34.99% Yes
366 votes 65.01% No


Establishing Six-Year Regular Property Tax Levy

177 votes 32.42% Yes
369 votes 67.58% No


Lummi Island Park and Recreation District Commissioner

Positions 1 through 4 had one candidate each running unopposed. They are Robert (Bob) Auld, Janice Holmes, Ian Kirouac and Randy Smith. These positions are created only if the Lummi Island Park and Recreation District is approved.

Position 5

146 votes 38.22% Noelle Maher
236 votes 61.78% Tamia Sorensen




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  1. Brian Jones Brian Jones November 8, 2017

    Now the council needs to get rid of all the trash dump trailer parks within the city limits.

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