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John Romaker. Photo courtesy of John Romaker.
John Romaker. Photo courtesy of John Romaker.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

I’m John Romaker, candidate for Whatcom County Assessor. I have been Chief Deputy Assessor here for nearly 29 years, working closely with Assessor Keith Willnauer to deliver fair and efficient service to all of Whatcom County. With a career spanning 36+ years in property assessment valuation, I am the most qualified candidate to lead this office to even higher levels of performance and customer service.

While the Assessor’s Office is often judged simply by the figures on your tax bills, this office is solely responsible for highly-specialized work, delivering annual assessments for nearly 120,000 accounts. As deputy assessor, I’ve had a key leadership role in managing this office of 30 employees and a $3.4 million budget, providing timely and accurate information to property owners, county administrators and dozens of local government entities.

This is a crucial election for Whatcom County. We’re electing a new county executive, Ferndale and Bellingham will select mayors, and many important county council, city council, school board and special district positions are on the ballot. My long-established relationships with staff, administrators and other officials will be beneficial during this transition.

It’s critically important that the Assessor’s Office continue to operate at a high level of performance, fairly valuing property and informing local governments. That’s why many of Whatcom County’s most respected officials have endorsed me in this election. They include outgoing Assessor Keith Willnauer, County Executive Jack Louws, County Treasurer Steve Oliver, County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Richey, and recently retired Prosecuting Attorney Dave McEachran. These leaders have seen my work in 29 years as Chief Deputy Assessor and know that I’m ready to lead the Assessor’s Office with no transition gaps.

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