Jon Mutchler – Ferndale Mayor


Jon Mutchler. Photo courtesy of Jon Mutchler.
Jon Mutchler. Photo courtesy of Jon Mutchler.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Mayor Jon Mutchler has a solid record of results, unquestioned integrity, an unmatched commitment to listening/citizen engagement, and the wisdom and judgment to lead our thriving city.

Supported by citizens left, right, and center, Mayor Mutchler has shown he doesn’t work for politicians, but fights for you. He has a three-decades record of volunteering, leading, and helping citizens and families.

Mutchler’s administration successfully partnered with Whatcom County, our legislators, and Lummi Nation to secure over $43 million in grants for projects including the Thornton over-crossing, Pioneer Park Pathways (ADA-compliant sidewalks), and our sewer plant upgrade. He advocated and worked to bring Unity Care to Ferndale.

Mayor Mutchler honored local WW2 vets when he named two streets, Dick Stone and Joe Moser Lanes.

He serves with the Commission against Domestic Violence (Law & Justice Committee) and is an Old Settlers trustee.

Mayor Mutchler has saved the city nearly $100,000 annually in staff costs by restructuring his administrative team. And while the city grows and attracts desired businesses and neighbors, crime decreases, debt goes down, revenues increase and taxes remain low.

Our parks program engages more families than ever.  And Jon fought to increase the membership of citizen boards and has a record number of teens involved with our City government.

Several large projects are coming up:

  • Our new high school.
  • A new well.
  • Upgrading our sewer plant.
  • Breaking ground on Thornton.
  • Three downtown catalyst projects

And Jon’s city experience is essential now and unmatched by any other candidate:  4 years as mayor; 6 years on council; one year on the Whatcom Charter Review Commission; 32 years as the lead pastor of a community church. The mayor works 30 hours each week for the city and paid $1781/month (salary set by Council).

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Mayor of Ferndale Candidate Jon Mutchler is interviewed by My Ferndale News (July 19, 2019).

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