Joy Gilfilen – County Sheriff


Joy Gilfilen. Photo courtesy of Joy Gilfilen.
Joy Gilfilen. Photo courtesy of Joy Gilfilen.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Joy Gilfilen has 40 years of experience with community problem solving and business management. She has a proven track record as a trouble-shooter. To achieve this local jail system turnaround, Joy has talked with thousands of people in Whatcom County and diagrammed issues to discover the best 21st Century solutions. Joy has hosted dozens of panels, trainings, conferences and discussions with officials, the formerly incarcerated, people going through the courts and community members to learn what people are concerned about and to learn from their experiences and knowledge. Joy has consistently kept the community involved and informed of everything she has learned. She has been a voice for those who are ignored and shunned, she has been an advocate for fiscal responsibility and empowered management, she has been a courageous leader for the community. Joy is not afraid to stand-up for what is right. She has shown herself to be a person of integrity, grit and determination. Joy is fully qualified to be a 21st Century PeaceKeeper as the Whatcom County Sheriff.

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Whatcom County Sheriff candidate Joy Gilfilen is interviewed by My Ferndale News (October 2019).

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