Keith M. Olson – Ferndale Mayor


Keith Olson. Photo courtesy of Keith Olson.
Keith Olson. Photo courtesy of Keith Olson.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

I have served 3 terms as a Ferndale City council member. The first two under a mayor that understood how raising taxes and services would affect the elderly and those on fixed incomes. I do not support raising taxes and fees that are not needed. We cannot sustain the amount of spending the current city mayor and administration continue to put forward. However with only two votes of no (mine and another member)and five yes these tax/fee increases pass. Time for a new mayor and new direction!

I am a former police officer and now a retired supervisory federal agent of 25 years’ service who supervised 89 agents and administered a multimillion dollar budget. I have served on the Planning and Land Use committee for eight years and the Finance and Administration committee for 4 years. I am the only mayoral candidate that has real government managerial expertise from the working world not some computer correspondence courses with fancy titles and certifications.

I have attended numerous managerial skills classes, supervisory schools and accounting classes needed for job performance rated outstanding service during the course of my 25 year career.

I assist disabled veterans in home repair and upkeep. I was a member of the American Legion for years and support their activities. My favorite community service is assisting abused female immigrants who are threatened with deportation by their abusive spouses. Having gained a lifetime of knowledge from being employed in this field I know the forms and filings to process their cases so they are allowed to stay in the US with their children and get protection orders from their abusive spouses. They have all gone on to be successful and productive self-supporting members of society.

Married (wife Joylen) for 29 years, father of three sons, moved to Ferndale in 1994. I do not chase endorsements as I am not beholding to any political party or group, only to the citizens of Ferndale who elected me. I have never accepted campaign contributions in any of my three previous council campaigns and I do not accept them for my mayoral campaign. When developers/real estate/ anyone for that matter contributes cash to your campaign they do so for a reason and I owe no one special favors!

Ferndale Mayor candidate Keith Olson is interviewed by My Ferndale News (July 11, 2019).

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