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Whatcom County Courthouse (July 29, 2016). My Ferndale News file photo

Key Bank theft trial delayed until 2017

The trial of accused bank theft suspect Donna Brown was supposed to begin next week but was recently postponed.

According to court documents, the jury trial has been rescheduled for February 27, 2017 with a pre-trial status hearing on February 15th. The rescheduling occurred during the status hearing for the trial previously scheduled for next week. It is not apparent from court documents what the reason was for postponing the trial. This is the second trial postponement.

Brown is being charged with 1st degree theft stemming from taking money from the Ferndale Key Bank branch on Main Street where she worked as a teller to a location a mile away on Hovander Road on December 10, 2015. Brown told investigators a male had spoken to her by phone and instructed her to take the cash to the location. The male said he had a gun pointed at the branch manager, according to Brown.

According to court documents, bank personnel reported over $34,000 missing. Brown was arrested a week later.

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