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Lab tests come back negative for mumps case

Whatcom County Health Department (WCHD) Emergency Response Specialist Mark Raaka said that as of today, January 31st, all laboratory tests of any suspected mumps cases in Whatcom County have been negative. This would include the individual case of suspected mumps at Ferndale High School.

Raaka said in an email, “Lab testing for this individual case has been completed and we will continue our surveillance for other possible mumps illness in this setting.”

But, Raaka noted, “laboratory testing does not always rule out the mumps virus in vaccinated individuals.” “Vaccination does not always prevent disease; and people who have been vaccinated may still develop mumps,” Raaka said.

Raaka and the WCHD continue to advise getting mumps vaccinations since cases continue to climb in counties to the south and vaccinations are the best method to prevent outbreaks.

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