Latest Griffintown temporary art piece announced

For weeks now, readers have been asking about the 3 wooden frame boxes wrapped horizontally by hundreds of strands of orange and yellow string sitting on the grass in Griffintown Park surrounded by “Caution” tape. The “Caution” tape has since been removed and the project declared finished so it can now be revealed.

The City of Ferndale (COF) announced yesterday the 3 boxes make up a temporary art installation entitled, The Orange Tunnels. “This piece was conceived and installed by Ferndale City Councilmember Rebecca Xcza and is composed of three tunnels and nearly 70,000 feet of string,” according to the COF announcement. It was funded in part by a grant from the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and constructed by volunteers.

Xczar explains the art pieces in the COF announcement, “The Orange Tunnels is an interactive art piece that challenges the viewer’s perspective. The tunnels change shape depending on the angle of viewing. This gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect and consider how their own perspective gives shape to what they see.”

The COF Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board supported the project and says the public is encouraged to carefully walk through the exhibit.

Temporary art - The Orange Tunnels - in Griffintown Park - photo COF
Temporary art – The Orange Tunnels – in Griffintown Park (December 2017). Photo courtesy City of Ferndale