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June 17, 2019 | 11:38am
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Letter to the Editor: Employers – get it together and pay a real wage

I am just amazed in the six weeks that I have lived in NW Washington at how employers in this part of the state pay such slave labor wages to their employees. I am not referring to entry level jobs, but actual labor intensive, skill required jobs which even right now posted online on multiple sites seeking experience, offer pay of no more than a dollar or more than minimum wage. In my field of logistics of which I have over 20 years experience, the wages in NW Washington are nearly the same as it was down in my native Mobile, Alabama. Thankfully my job pays me a livable wage but so many others in my field are not.

Exactly what reality are employers here living in? When an entry level part time fast food employee can make almost the exact same wage as a forklift operator, class B truck driver, or a construction worker, why do you think your job receives such poorly qualified candidates for those jobs? You simply don’t deserve the good workers as you pay poverty wages. Blue collar jobs are supposed to pay a LIVABLE wage where it takes care of ALL bills, allows you to “splurge” every other week or month and have something hardly anyone knows of today… building up savings/retirement.

Even the housing makes no sense as I cannot wrap my head around the people who drive this over inflated housing market where its $300,000+ minimum for a home, or $1,100+ a month for a one bedroom apartment. Where are the manufactured housing communities for non-retirees where a person can BUY a home for under $100,000 and rent/own the lot it sits on? And anyone here that buys a new home automatically has to consider a roommate to help drive down their monthly expenses….I thought owning a home was supposed to be the American dream, not the American nightmare?

And you all wonder why voters failed that absurd school bond proposal? $325 a square foot for a new high school? Most schools in California aren’t that expensive, so what was the new high school going to be built out of…gold?

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To you employers in Whatcom County, get it together already and pay your employees a real wage, or be permanently condemned to having staffing shortages and low quality employees and those same employees to vote against school bond issues they can no longer afford.

Gerald Patterson

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