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Letter to the Editor: Local Audubon Society endorses I-1631

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Recognizing that we need to act now to protect birds and people from the growing threat of climate change, North Cascades Audubon Society, a local chapter of the National Audubon Society, has endorsed Initiative 1631. North Cascades Audubon Society is one of 16 Washington Audubon chapters voicing its support for I-1631.

Audubon’s research shows that climate change is the number one threat to birds, including 189 species at risk here in Washington. The science is clear – we need to get to a 100% clean energy economy by mid-century. As designed, I-1631 will contribute to this goal, reducing Washington’s carbon pollution by 50 million metric tons by 2050. Additionally, $250 million annually will be invested in projects to increase the resilience of our waters and forests to the impacts of climate change. This includes restoring and protecting estuaries, fisheries and marine shoreline habitats vital for birds to survive. It also includes programs to improve forest health and reduce vulnerability to changes in hydrology, insect infestation, wildfires, and drought. This is critical support that will protect important bird habitats now and in the future.

I-1631 is supported by a coalition comprised of over 250 groups, representing scientists, working families and organized labor, communities of color, environmental advocates, clean energy companies, health professionals, businesses, faith organizations, and tribal nations. These groups are working together to pave the way for a cleaner future.

Pam Borso
Conservation Committee
North Cascades Audubon Society

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