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June 24, 2019 | 2:01am
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Letter to the Editor: Parents should request 24/7 filtering on school-issued computers

To the Editor:

I would like to remind parents in the Ferndale School District [of] the importance of requesting protections on the children’s school devices.

This is important, because the devices only are filtered ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. Once the students leave the schools network these devices have no protections. You can request for the filtering to follow the device 24/7. I even take it one step further and requested my children’s [computers] be limited to approved school web sites only. It’s about 50 websites in total. It’s a simple phone call into the school to have this requested.

There’s just to many risks giving these kids unprotected devices. [The] Ferndale police department has a case from last year from a parent who had to file a police report due to their child communicating and sending inappropriate things to this person from a dating site. Even after this event, the district still did not block dating websites, even though this was occurring on school grounds (I have many emails from parents whose children were on dating sites and only able to access at school).

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As I showed in February 2018, even the schools’ network blocks did NOT block porn or dating websites. I did Facebook videos (provided below) because I spent 2 years advising [superintendent] Linda Quinn and school board [members] their devices and network were not protected and they wouldn’t listen. Other parents reported the accessing of dating sites, which again, went ignored.

Please, be vigilant. It is not just protecting your home network. Even the schools network can not be trusted.

Thank you,

Renee Miller
Ferndale Resident and Parent

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