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June 15, 2019 | 4:20pm
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Letter to the Editor: School Board members ask voters to approve bond

We’re asking Ferndale voters to approve a school bond on February 12 to pay for construction of a new Ferndale High School, renovation of the Performing Arts Center, safety and security upgrades in all schools, and solutions to critical maintenance needs across the district.

The list of proposed projects, which was developed by 80+ members of the Bond Task Force, will cost $112 million. As your elected representatives, we don’t make this request lightly. We’ve studied the needs of students. We’ve listened to the community. We’ve considered all input. And we’re convinced this is the right bond proposal for our district.

In November 2018, the majority of Ferndale voters agreed. 58.64% voted yes – just shy of the 60% (plus 1 vote) super majority required to pass a school bond. Many members of the community asked us to rerun the bond in February, and we said yes.

Some of our current school buildings need help. Ferndale High School in particular no longer reflects Ferndale pride. We have great staff and students, but the FHS facilities no longer support today’s learning needs or safety requirements

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Our students are counting on us. We urge you to vote yes for the bond on February 12.

Ferndale School Board:
Kevin Erickson, Lee Anne Riddle, Candice Wilson, Hugh Foulke & Andrew McLaurin

Editor’s note: This letter was updated at 11:45am 1/15/2019 with a revision that added words missing from the 3rd paragraph.

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