Letter to the Editor: School Bond – The voters have already spoken

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I’m tired of the Ferndale School Board trying to force this bond down our throats. The voters have already spoken and the bond requires a super majority and over 40% of the voters don’t want this bond to pass. Those are the rules.

Regrouping and trying to tackle this issue during a normal voting cycle is reasonable but forcing this issue right after the first of the year is basically telling the voters “we don’t care what you say we’ll just keep pushing and manipulating until we get the votes WE want.” I’m not impressed.

I’m also not impressed on how they feel the need to “modernize” performing arts building for $2 million and only $1 million on safety/security. Why is this more important than our children’s safety? This shows me where the priorities are at. And people are right, the gross mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, and over budgeting of the Cascadia school project has left a very bad taste.

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I went to Ferndale, my daughter goes to Ferndale, I will still be voting No. Again.

Dustin Hoffman

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