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Monday, March 30 | 10:55pm
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Live video feed of Knapp memorial will happen, thanks to Knapp family

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FERNDALE, Wash. — It was reported here earlier today that a live video feed of Wednesday’s memorial service for former Ferndale Police Chief and Ferndale resident Michael Knapp would not be made available to our readers. But, after Knapp family members interceded, the video feed has been made available once again.

My Ferndale News was soon after contacted by a Knapp family member who was unhappy after reading about how the feed was not going to be made available to the Ferndale community as previously planned. They said they had instructed hundreds of their out of town friends and family to look for it on My Ferndale News and also wanted anyone in their hometown to be able to view it.

After family members contacted event organizers, the obstacles to providing the feed were removed and My Ferndale News was contacted with updated information to allow the community to view the memorial live as originally arranged.

The live video is expected to begin by 12:15pm and the memorial service is scheduled to begin at 1pm.

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Click here to view the memorial service live via My Ferndale News.

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  1. Thank you to the Knapp family for making the live video feed of the service available to our communities.

  2. Thank you to the family for making this happen so those of us that can’t be there in person can still be a part of it. He is a great soul who will be missed and honored by many.

    • Good question. MFN has been told a raw recording of the event will be provided afterwards. If this happens, it will be posted and archived. Since it is out of our control until received, no promises are being made.

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