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Local Advertising

Reach your best prospects with exceptionally cost-effective repeat online advertising on

Create a powerful presence for your marketing messages with repeat advertising in front of your best prospects via

Every advertiser gets to place both banner and square-ish ads (you do not need to choose, you get both). Ad graphics can come from you or someone you hire or we are available to build them for free (we are not graphic design experts hence the price).

The required dimensions are :

Banner – 730px by up to 100px
Square-ish – 300px by up to 250px

A uniquely effective news venue that puts advertisers first

Sadly, news venues, even those who have successfully adopted an online presence have lost touch with who their customers are and end up sabotaging their advertisers’ best efforts as a result.

News websites put up paywalls thinking readers are their customers and revenue source. This effectively reduces the size of the audience for their advertisers.

With that mindset, many fail to promote their advertisers whenever possible, instead promoting themselves. This is most obvious when news is posted on social media services like Twitter and Facebook. Entire news stories are often published in order to please a social media audience but this does the opposite of driving readers to see your advertising.’s customers are the advertisers. Everything is done to bring our advertisers the largest local audience possible and delivering their advertising most effectively to that audience.

Every effort is made to provide unbiased quality community news reporting and this is done to create the largest and highest-quality audience that serves our advertisers best.

This is another reason why we do not use a paywall. While news should be freely available to everyone in the community, regardless of financial abilities, this also serves to provide our advertisers with the largest possible audience.

Set up your advertising and get back to what you do best while we deliver your message 24/7 to your best prospects.

Over 85% of the people reading are from the immediate area. Google Analytics data shows a monthly audience of over 80,000 with 75% of those being repeat readers.

Who reads My Ferndale News?

A growing group of people of all ages who are interested about what is happening in and around the Ferndale area read My Ferndale News. These are the people who live and work in the local area (your best prospects) as well as travelers interested in visiting the historic cabins in Pioneer Park and other Ferndale area attractions. Google Analytics reports 21% year-over-year audience growth.

Specific demographics (based on a sample of 6% of readers per Google Analytics):


Google Analytics also shows 75% of

Have you been told geofencing and geotargeting are golden when directing your advertising? They are!

These things come naturally when advertising on hyperlocal Plus, you do not have to worry about limited or wasted ad impressions since you get unlimited impressions with your monthly spend and your ads only appear on pages when someone is reading the page. There are no bad locations.

My Ferndale News reaches those who have left social media or never signed up in the first place

Based on surveys and site traffic analytics, about 40% of the population spends little to no time on social media. This is a dramatic drop from the estimates given only a few years ago. Many readers visit directly as opposed to following links posted on social media.

My Ferndale News readers do not wait to read the news.

Thousands of devices (eg smartphones) go “ping” whenever a news story is posted on This is because they have all opted-in to be notified each and every time. That’s a powerful indicator of reader loyalty. is designed for “the new normal” of news consumption

Nearly 75% of the people reading do so using small screen devices (ie smartphones and not desktop or notebook computers). This is the new normal and why the website is optimized to provide them with the best experience. More important is that advertisement delivery is also optimized and placed within the content, not shoved to the bottom of the page as typically happens.

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