Local blood donors sought ahead of Hurricane Florence

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Bloodworks Northwest is seeking donors, especially of type O blood, after sending an emergency shipment of 34 blood components to hospitals in North Carolina and Virginia ahead of Hurricane Florence.

Bloodworks Northwest officals say they are concerned a critically low inventory of type O blood, in addition to several other blood types, and platelets will make it difficult to provide additional hurricane relief support if needed, let alone meet needs of the nearly 100 local hospitals that count on Bloodworks for common procedures like surgeries.

Blood donors are urged to make an appointment now or in the coming days to meet demand. A blood type is considered critically low when it reaches a two-day supply, as opposed to a four-day supply. It takes 800 donor registrations every day to maintain an operational blood supply in the Northwest.

“Once our community returns to stable inventories, we will be prepared to assist with additional emergency blood shipments to help those affected by hurricanes or other disasters,” said James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and CEO of Bloodworks. “The blood already collected and on the shelves allows us to respond to emergencies when they happen. We can be prepared if our generous donors step up like they did last year during Hurricane Harvey and Amtrak 501.”

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Appointments can be made at centers and blood drives online at schedule.bloodworksnw.org or by calling 1-800-398-7888. A donation center is located in Bellingham at 410 W Bakerview Road, Suite 117. More information at www.bloodworksnw.org.


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