Localized power outage causes some Portal Way businesses to close early

power outage DF stock graphic

About 2pm several businesses near the Portal Way roundabout lost power. At that time, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) gave an estimate that power would be restored by 4:30pm. The outage cause was given as equipment failure.

About 5:30pm that estimate was revised to 8:30pm. PSE reported 6 of their customers were impacted.

That news was reason enough for the Ferndale Edaleen Dairy store to declare they were closed until tomorrow morning. According to Edaleen Dairy Sales Manager Dave Dodson, he is not worried about the inventory in their freezers unless the power outage starts approaching 24 hours.

By 6pm, the Ferndale Anytime Fitness center next door was dark along with the Ferndale Cruisin Coffee store across the street.

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Down Portal Way at the ProBuild store, they took to writing orders down that would have normally been entered into a computer and kept doing business until just before sundown about a half hour before their regular closing time.

Repair crews could be seen working nearby on Cedar Street after 6pm.

Update 7pm
PSE revised their estimate for restoring power to 10pm.

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