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Kelly Sullivan stands in a roll-up door way at his business, The Strip Shop, on Portal Way (October 14, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

Long-time Ferndale business closes its doors

FERNDALE, Wash. — The business was started in 1979 in California by his parents according to Strip Shop owner Kelly Sullivan. They opened first in Ferndale in the Carnation Oxford Building on Main Street in 1986. Back then, Sullivan said, they ran the Ferndale Antique Mall in the same building as well.

He bought property at 6117 Portal Way in 1997 and moved the businesses into a shop building he built there. For the next 22 years, Sullivan continued keeping busy providing furniture stripping, refinishing and repairs to the community.

But, after going to work 7 days a week for the past 33 years, Kelly decided it was time to close the business and put the property up for sale.

“Most of my customers are 60 years and older now. [Business from] the young moms that want to redo stuff for their daughters has kind of disappeared. That changed a lot of it,” Sullivan said. “I have customers asking where they can take their stuff now. I tell them I do not know. I was the only guy [doing] refinishing here.”

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Over the years, Kelly collected quality wood products and furnishings along with other collectibles including lamps and architectural features. Some pieces ended up there after people would bring him furniture to repair and then never come back to pick them up, Sullivan said.

The interior of The Strip Shop, on Portal Way, after nearly all inventory has been hauled away in preparation for closing (October 14, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News
The interior of The Strip Shop, on Portal Way, after nearly all inventory has been hauled away in preparation for closing (October 14, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

He said he filled a large truck 3 times while hauling most of his remaining inventory to an auction house.

Kelly and his wife, Patti, raised their 4 daughters in Ferndale. “We participated in a lot of stuff around Ferndale,” Sullivan said. “Our floats in Old Settlers Grand Parades have won a lot of 1st places. And I think I put more time into the float than I put into the business this year.”

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  1. Yvonne Goldsmith Yvonne Goldsmith October 17, 2019

    God bless you both in your well-earned retirement. Gene and Yvonne Goldsmith

  2. Tracy Hall Tracy Hall October 18, 2019

    I wish you a beautiful retirement in this next journey of your lives. Although I never used your services (I love to do my own), your art was appreciated along with your love for your community.
    It’s VERY SAD, however, that we now live in a society where almost everything is expendable. Throw it away and get a new one! It’s cheap, made in China and can be replaced cheaper. BUT, in the long run, that cheap table you got will probably have to be replaced numerous times, thus costing more in the long run. And there goes all the cherished memories. Birthdays, Christmas, etc., all at the table you throw away. I hope you young one stop learn that many things are worth paying for!

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