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Lower river level results in increases in beach area and visible snags

Unfortunately, daytime temperatures have dipped along with the river level, otherwise the now enormous sandy beaches along the river would likely be crowded.

The Nooksack River has been running between about 4-feet and 5-feet in depth as it passes through Ferndale by the Main Street Pioneer Bridge during the dry summer months. But this week the river level in Ferndale dropped another foot into the 3- to 4-foot range.

As a result of the lower river level, the waterway has narrowed as the sandy shores alongside Hovander Homestead and VanderYacht Parks became exposed. In addition, snags and other submerged debris are now visible.

A boater was seen backing to the bottom of the boat launch and then onto newly exposed beach in order to reach the water and launch their boat.

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  1. fran hostetler-melseth fran hostetler-melseth October 15, 2017

    Am I the only one who feels the signal should be put back at 1st and Main???? If any of you feel the same, let the city know. Thanks!

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