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LTTE: Appreciates West County Head Start Program support

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As a parent of two children hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that I share my families experience with the West County Head Start Program operated by Opportunity Council in Ferndale, Washington.

This center gave my family the support we needed during COVID-19; we received weekly check ins, online assignments through an app called SeaSaw, and we received ideas for outside activities.

Our Site teacher helped provide sensory play and activities for my daughter who has sensory processing issues . They also helped me find new occupational and physical therapy services for her after the clinic she was going to closed permanently due to COVID 19. They were also sure to not just check on my child, but also me, as a parent of two high needs children isolated at home, that I had what I needed to also be healthy.

If you know a teacher, be sure to thank them. It’s from the support I received during this crisis that I feel heard, listened to and supported when we needed it most and I know there are many more parents out there like me.

As legislators make tough decisions around the shortfall in our budget, I hope they will know the importance of early learning and what it means to so many families across the state like mine.

Anna Ashe

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