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Opinion: Does not support having “police state” cracking down on civil unrest

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This Letter to the Editor is in response to another published earlier.

My friends who loudly support the 2nd amendment, often state that regular citizens need guns in case a tyrannical government might mobilize its military or militarized police against its own citizens… especially citizens who exercise their constitutional rights to free speech and dissent and redress of grievances against the government.

Our founding fathers wanted due process and rights, and along the way, they destroyed merchandise (including tea).

So I was shocked by the LTTE by Erin Dawson that seemed to support having the police state cracking down on civil unrest, rather than us actually addressing the reasons why there was unrest: the unrest was because of unconstitutional use of police lethal force without due process.

Not every problem should be solved with a cop with a gun drawn. A misdemeanor or miscommunication with a cop should not result in a citizen death. It is hard for some people to understand that “defund the police” really means changing how we allocate law & justice money to solve things less with shooting people, and more with other supports.

I hope all elected officials at county and city and state can support that.

Richard May

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