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LTTE: Doesn’t agree with canceling summer events in Ferndale

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City of Ferndale’s website has a write up about the new mayor. He has a degree in Economics and Political Science, and worked in the hospitality industry. I would imagine these were privately owned businesses such as the example given of working at Semiahmoo and the restaurant industry. Looks like he has a lot of experience with Tourism and how important it is to the businesses and cities depending on it.

Just wondering how much he learned in the Political Science classes compared to Economics. Let’s see….Politics – we are going to use the model for what could happen with Coronavirus trends in Whatcom County that the Health Department Director has stated (Bellingham Herald) “is much less precise than a weather forecast”, to end all summer events in Ferndale. AND…we are sure other communities in the county will do the same. But look at us – we are the first to end them. Kudos to us – always good to be first politically. Political Science – A.

Maybe he didn’t do so well in Economics class. Let’s see….I am going to end all summer event permits in Ferndale and agree with the Governor shutting down our economy. Wait – how does the city of Ferndale (and the state) get its revenue to pay for the things a city needs to survive? That’s right – economically from people spending money they get from having a job and businesses that are open to give those people jobs. And each of them pay taxes to the city. All very ESSENTIAL. And from visitors (tourism) who come to our events and spend money. Oh well, not going to happen – even if it is months away. Have to depend on a model less precise then a weather forecast and the power it gives those using it to reduce or erase our much needed revenue. Economics – F.

Seems he and other politicians both local, state, and national, aced Political Science, but not so much Economics. I wonder what degrees the Mayor of Lynden has. Bet it is not Political Science.

Joey McAlpine

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  1. Jim Hansen Jim Hansen April 20, 2020

    I can only hope that common sense is used with an educated perspective, not how much money we’re missing , or look at all the money we could have made. Lives are truly at stake, i hope we do go forward “but” with caution. A 4th of july event would not or will not destroy your town.

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