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LTTE: Fire Chief recommends food donations go to Food Bank

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To the Merchants and Residents of the Ferndale area:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the extremely generous outpouring of food and treats you have provided for our firefighters and staff.

While the Fire District is thankful for being in your thoughts during this time of crisis, we respectfully request that when you think about bringing us food or treats, that you instead donate to your local food bank.

The men and women of the Fire District are working daily to help everyone through this time. Our people are deemed “essential workers” and thus, are all working regularly. There are those that do not have this luxury during the COVID event, and we would rather that your donations benefit those truly in need.

Again, I cannot begin to express how much we are thankful for being in your thoughts. Our mission is to help those in need. Presently there are many people in situations out of their control and Fire District 7 would rather defer these generous offerings to those in need the most.


Larry Hoffman
Fire Chief

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